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Inbound customer service that needed to operate round the clock to support its clients with minimal cost while maintaining the service level requirement. Cases must be closely monitored from the time the call was made to the time an on-site engineer was able to fix the issue. Critical clients’ SLA have to be met to prevent paying liquidated damages ranging from some few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.

Client also faced challenges on monitoring the productivity of their on-site engineers.

Economies of scale. Antasis tapped its 24/7 shared team composed of technical and non-technical, experienced agents and trained them based on the client’s requirement.
FULLY INTEGRATED CRM. A fully integrated CRM was designed to do the following:

  • Track the whereabouts of the engineer based on their zone assignment.
  • Track the engineers’ productivity based on the number of hours used per job assignment.
  • Prompt an automated reminder to the agent/s whenever a job needs to be followed up on a specific timing based on the client’s SLA.
  • Send a SMS to the engineers to remind them of a job that needs to be completed or followed up.

Critical customers were attended to on time and SLA on fixing the issue was met. Thus, client was able to prevent paying liquidated damages due to non-compliance of SLA.
A helpdesk was available all the time to cater to clients customers.

More customers were catered to as abandonment rate was lowered from 6% to 3%.

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