One of the best car-sharing service run by the team who is established and is a pioneer in this field. It combines experience in car sharing with technical expertise of their service centres to bring the most satisfying car sharing experience, value and convenience for their members.

Antasis provides an integrated call centre service to perform the inbound support with the following objectives:

  • To answer all the incoming calls on the car-sharing program.
  • To handle all the general enquiries and emergency calls pertaining to car sharing
  • Assist members to make reservation on the car through online web application.
  • To capture the caller’s details and each call details into CRM (Customer Relationship Management ) and update Client on a daily basis in a form of report.
  • To escalate the calls or emergency cases to engineers on duty.
  • Provides prompt, accurate and courteous response within the first response to queries and feedback given by prospected customers.

Provide knowledgeable, professional and customer service oriented staff for delivering top-notch quality service to our Client’s members.

Car sharing program that allows our members access to a fleet of whichever car brand round the clock for their driving convenience. The Program requires a team of well-trained and professional Customer Service Representatives to enhance the image of our Client.

Act as a strategic customer service point of contact and support centre for all incoming calls on car sharing program.

With a main objective to enhance Cost Effectiveness by focusing on its core competencies. The program requires Ready-to-Start resources with absolute minimum setup time.

Ensure staffs are up to date with upcoming promotions and product information in order to disseminate accurate and timely responses to all prospect queries

To attain, compile and analyse feedback from prospects for the purpose of future customer satisfaction and retention activities.

The strategic partner must be prepared to handle all requests and queries promptly and ensure that requests and queries are fulfilled and responded within the stipulated time frame

To track, manage and enhance efficiency of Car sharing program. Using a unified and integrated platform of communication and information of all customers, the program will be manned by a team of professional, well-trained Customer Service Representatives.


Encourage and increase new membership

The Car sharing membership has increased since the deployment of the 24 x 7 Call Centre support. The designated customer service representatives are well equipped with the necessary knowledge and customer service skills to handle membership enquiries of all types. Interested customers will also be guided through the membership application.

Fast and reliable car reservations

The well-trained Customer Service Representatives assist members with their car reservations round the clock. This service is essential when members are not accessible to the Internet for urgent car reservation.

Efficient escalation on Emergency calls

In any event of emergency e.g. accidents, theft etc, members can report the incidents to the Call Centre Hotline for professional advice and proper handling on the spot. The incidents will be escalated to engineers on duty for immediate and appropriate follow-ups.

Effective monitoring of car usage

The Call Centre is equipped with voice recording facilities/ call accounting system for tracking of call statistics and reporting. The Call Centre also provides a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that can be customized according to the data-capture specifications for logging and tracking of caller details. This enables proper tracking of members’ car usage, which allows the Client to rectify and reduce unnecessary misunderstanding and conflicts on car usage incidents e.g. car damages, wrong reservation, car return to wrong port etc.

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