Antasis defined a set of core values that serves as the foundation of how the company functions daily.


We feel that it is important to provide our employees with an open and transparent work environment. We always believe that everyone has ideas of their own and therefore their suggestions or enquiries deservce attention and respect. Sharing our views in an open and truthful manner is thus the way we function.


We emphasize on the value of Teamwork within the organization. It is extremely important for the Team to succeed. Teamwork and selflessness is the backbone of a great team, without which a team would find it difficult to compete in reality. Such a value also promotes growth -acknowledging differences yet being able to work in unity.


We value integrity in people and we lead by example. We keep to our commitments and tell the truth. We take a stand for what is right, even when it is not popular. We also respct others, their beliefs, and their skills.

The Pursuit Of Excellence

With the first three values in place,it is simpler to embrace the concept of becoming the very best that we can be. The foundation of being human rests on an inherent desire for excellence. Extraordinary performance starts when we recognize our common need to excel. It is then nurtured by diligence by the application of the above said values such as working together in accordance with a purpose.


We hold our leaders accountable for the task(s) given to them. They should clearly define goals and ensure that they have sufficient manpower to succeed. It is this accountability that provides uswith an opportunityto assign ownership to our organization, create personal performance objectives, measure results and follow through with objective evaluations. Our focus is then to improve and provide the highest work standards to our customers, therefore making their experience memorable.


In order to be trusted, we need to be worthy of trust. Being trusted is also emotionally satisfying.It increases our self-esteem and validates our good character.

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