A franchisee of one of the largest fast food in the US with over 10 branches around Singapore.

While providing a team of customer service agents who will take on orders for their home delivery, the contact centre partner must also be able to provide an order taking system that will allow integration in the stores where the order will be placed.

INTERACTIVE ORDER TAKING SYSTEM. Antasis was able to develop an interactive order taking system that has the capability to:

  • Be customized everytime there are changes in the delivery menu
  • Find the nearest store for the customer’s residence based on postal code
  • Allow the stores to prompt the customer service officers to stop assigning delivery to a particular store due to overwhelming demands
  • Allow both contact centre and store to see the progress of the order from assembly to delivery.
  • Set expectation to the customer in terms of the turn-around time for delivery

The efficiency of the home delivery system brought about an increase to the client’s sale of up to 17%. It increased the satisfaction of the customers in terms of setting the right expectation on

when their food will be delivered.

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