Antasis is a leading provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) services related to customer care and technical support. As s BPO company, we are there for companies and businesses when they are in need of assistance concerning their customers. Our services include customer acquisition, back-office processing, collections and technical support. In order to affectively assist our clients with their sales management needs. Antasis performs inbound and outbound support, database cleaning, system maintenance, lead generation, order deliveries and order fulfillment services. Antasis operates within the Singapore and Asia Pacific region.

Antasis aims to provide a positive working environment, continued professional developments and equal opportunities to each and every one of our employees. Additionally, we are committed to ensure that all our employees are afforded with a work-life balance. We are also a part of a vast network of global career opportunities and we actively encourage staff development in the business with numerous internal promotions and segment opportunities.

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