A career at Antasis Pte Ltd could be your gateway to professional growth and success. Antasis Pte Ltd has successfully nurtured an open and friendly work culture that recognises and rewards talent. It is our culture that has made us what we are today and helped us to add enormous value to our clients’ businesses. All our teammates embrace this uniquely values and ways of doing things. This gives us an identity that goes beyond mundane measures of success.


We encourage collaboration for innovation. We involve and encourage our team members to participate in decision making.


We always encourage initiative and demand risk taking from our employees. These are the qualities that help us build a series of leader in our teams. Our teams organise themselves around important projects and tasks.


We have always embraced technology as a winning strategy in our business. With our home-grown, state-of-the-art contact centre technology we are way ahead of competition on the technology curve.

Setting High Standards of Quality and Efficiency

Antasis is working toward to high quality standards and efficiency.We develop our people for them to meet the high standards of sustainability that the company has set for itself. It is our constant drive for continuos improvement as our top characteristics as a high performing Team. Excellence is a frame of mind, and its hugely engaging.

Thirst for Knowledge

Antasis has enormous experience in the BPO Industry. The burning desire to acquire , assimilate and utilize knowledge will never create unhappiness. It is an additcion in good sense. We offer accross the board services including technology, automotive and

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