6 Strategic Advantages of Help Desk Outsourcing

Why you should choose Antasis as your Help Desk Outsourcing Vendor in Singapore.

For more than 17 years, Antasis has served small, medium, and large businesses in Singapore as their help desk outsourcing partner. Some of the industries that Antasis serves are the automobile industry, food and beverage industry, quick-serve restaurants, and supermarkets.

Antasis is an ISO 9001 Certified company in Singapore. Companies choose Antasis for its effective quality management system.

Providing help desk support for customers is a must for all companies as this is a very crucial aspect of a company’s growth. Companies that provide exceptional and responsive help desk results in getting more loyal customers.

But customers have a demanding need for help desk support. They should be able to contact a company’s help desk 24/7. Most companies are not ready to invest in an in-house help desk. The cost of implementing a 24/7 in-house help desk is extremely high. This is due to the high cost of infrastructure including hardware and software as well as the cost of human resources.

Outsourcing your company’s help desk is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide help desk support for your customers.

Antasis is the leading help desk outsourcing provider in Singapore and can help your company in providing a round-the-clock outstanding customer experience.

Here are 6 strategic advantages of choosing Antasis as your help desk outsourcing partner:

1.  Saves cost of labor and infrastructure

Antasis invested in a robust help desk infrastructure so you do not have to. Antasis has teams of professionals and well-trained technical support agents who are ready to support your customers and provide them with exceptional service 24/7. This allows your company to save a lot on the operational cost which means more revenue for your business.

2. Focus on growing your business

Having an in-house help desk department means that you must allocate your time in managing this department. Antasis manages hiring, training, and scheduling of your technical support agents so you can have more time working on your business.

3. Provide faster response and resolution to your customers

With Antasis’s robust infrastructure and skilled help desk agents, you are assured that your customer enquiries will be resolved in a much shorter period which results in a satisfied and loyal customer.

4. Access to highly skilled and well-trained help desk professionals

Antasis understands that providing exceptional help desk experience boils down to having skilled and customer-centric help desk support agents. Help desk agents at Antasis are trained and knowledgeable in their respective technical fields and have great customer interaction skills.

5. Provide support to your customers 24/7

Customers prefer companies that offer 24/7 help desk support. They want fast resolution when they need assistance when using your products even if it is beyond office hours. Companies should not limit in providing support to their customers to business hours only. Outsourcing your help desk to Antasis can help your company in providing 24/7 help desk support for your customers to help you retain them. Plus, retaining customers cost less than acquiring new ones.

6. Able to use the latest help desk technologies and automation to better assist your customer

Setting-up an in-house help desk infrastructure is very costly, and it is the same with upgrading it. This is one of the reasons why most companies chose to outsource their help desk to outsourcing providers like Antasis. Technology advances to improve current systems by implementing common tasks. These technologies include automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). Antasis is constantly updating its infrastructure to better serve your customers and provide exceptional help desk experience.

Outsourcing help desk management to a reliable help desk provider like Antasis is a proven way to increase revenue without sacrificing service quality.

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