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Choose Antasis as your Call Center Outsourcing Vendor and save on your operational and infrastructural expenses.

A proactive customer relationship management is crucial is today’s business. A study showed that customers prefer to talk with a live customer service representative over a pre-recorded answering machine.

A 24/7 customer support service is needed to build trust and loyalty with your customers. But the cost of the infrastructure in implementing an in-house customer service team is very high. Plus, the ongoing high cost of administration and maintenance of this in-house facility.

There’s a cost-effective way to manage customer relationship for your business. Partnering with a Call Center Outsourcing Vendor in Singapore is the most cost-effective way for businesses to offer 24/7 high-level customer interaction and support.

Antasis provides wide range and tailored-fit Call Center services to companies in Singapore. Let Antasis manage and assist your Customer’s needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Antasis team of professional customer representatives can help your business in building trust and loyalty with your customers.

Antasis has the expertise in handling customer support services including:

  • Inbound Customer Service
  • Outbound Customer Service
  • Technical Helpdesk

Advantages of Outsourcing to a Call Center Vendor.

  1. Greatly reduce your operational, infrastructure and maintenance costs.
  2. Maximize results by tapping with experienced and professional customer service and sales representatives even without employing them.
  3. Get higher revenue and conversion rate through immediate resolution of customer queries.
  4. Higher customer satisfaction.
  5. Leverage the use of technology and infrastructure that your Call Center Vendor is using.

Why Choose Antasis as your Call Center Oursourcing Vendor

  1. Antasis employs professional and experienced customer service representative who have thorough understanding about your business.
  2. Antasis provides regular training to agents to enhance their customer interaction and problem-solving skills so your customers receive only the highest level of customer service experience.
  3. Antasis team of trained Outbound Customer and Sales Professionals have the right skill set to convert your pool of leads into paying customers at high conversion rates.
  4. Antasis uses only the latest telecommunications and customer relationship management software and hi-tech infrastructure to delivery fast and high-level support for your Customers.

Partner with Antasis now and start growing your business.

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