Choosing the Right Call Centre Outsourcing Vendor for your Business

The leading call centre outsourcing vendor in Singapore.

Antasis serves local Singapore-based SMEs and large corporations as the call centre outsourcing vendor for more than 17 years. The company is known for its professional call centre agents and robust infrastructure in supporting its Clients’ need for customer service, technical support, data entry, inbound and outbound marketing, and other customer-related transactions.

Antasis headquarter is in Singapore and have offices in Malaysia and Philippines. Antasis has a team of professionals that works tirelessly to meet its clients’ goals. Antasis is an ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certified company and awarded with NS Mark Gold accreditation.

Antasis serves diverse markets and industries including the automobile industry, food and beverage, quick-serve restaurants, kiosk management, and supermarkets.

Call centre outsourcing is handling over your company’s customer service, technical support, order management, data entry, inbound and outbound marketing tasks to another company – the call centre outsourcing vendor.

Offshore Call Centre providers have offices in countries with lower labor costs, typically in Malaysia and the Philippines. The costs of living in these countries are lower compared to Singapore, therefore, outsourcing your call centre management to any of these countries can save your business a large amount of labor and infrastructure costs.

It is not just large corporations that outsource their call centre, but also small and medium businesses.

Your chosen call centre outsourcing vendor will train their staff about your business, products, or services that you offer to better provide your customers with outstanding support

Why do Companies choose to Outsource?

The main objective of outsourcing call centre management is to save on costs. Overseas call centres are less expensive than setting up an in-house customer service support team.

Choosing the Right Call Centre Outsourcing Vendor for your Business

Aside from cost saving, you also need to consider key aspects when choosing the right call centre outsourcing vendor.

Customer satisfaction must not get compromised by your call centre vendor.

1. Language and Culture Barrier

Select a call centre vendor who employs staff that understands your customer’s language, culture, and accent can help provide a fast and satisfying solution to your customers.

2. Reliable Technology and Infrastructure

A call centre outsourcing vendor with a reliable call centre infrastructure ensures that your customer’s queries will be answered by staff who will provide solutions. An unreliable infrastructure and poor internet connection can leave your customers unanswered therefore negatively affecting your brand.

3. Data Security

When choosing a call centre outsourcing vendor, have an in-depth understanding of how they will handle your customer’s data. Your customer’s data should be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

4. Your Customer’s Experience

Providing a great and satisfying customer service experience should be the goal of both you and your call centre outsourcing vendor. You should not only focus on vendors offering the lowest costs as it may agitate your customers and leave a negative impression about your business.

5. Call Centre Outsourcing Vendor Portfolio

When choosing a call centre vendor, consider their portfolio. What companies are they serving? Choose the call centre vendor that fits your business needs.

In choosing a Call Centre Outsourcing vendor, always prioritize on who can provide the best customer service experience for your customers. Ensure that your vendor can provide satisfying support so that your customers will stay loyal to your business. An unsatisfied customer will likely stop buying the products or services that your business provides.

Antasis is a call centre outsourcing vendor in Singapore. It has 17+ years of experience in handling customer service, live chat support, technical support, data encoding, inbound, and outbound customer services. Its clients are small and medium businesses as well as large corporations based in Singapore.

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