Case Study – L1 Technical Support for an IT System company

How Antasis helps companies in the IT-related Industry in providing Level 1 Technical Support to their customers.

One of the services that Antasis offers is to manage and monitor the IT infrastructure of a company which can be remotely or on-site.

A company in the IT Systems industry specifically a Network Attached Storage (NAS) Technologies company needs Level 1 Technical Support Professionals to monitor their servers.

The Challenge:

Servers are one of the most crucial hardware for companies in the IT industry. It requires 24-7 monitoring, and an immediate fix is needed when issues arise to keep it online.

Labor cost is one thing to consider as you need IT Professionals working in shifting schedules.

Client’s Requirements:

An IT Systems company reached out to Antasis to seek technical support representatives to manage and monitors their servers. These servers are crucial to the company’s operation. Proactive preventive maintenance is a must to ensure the high availability of these servers.

The Solution:

Antasis has skilled IT Professionals that fit this Client’s requirements. Using server monitoring software, Antasis can effectively monitor the server’s performance and the health status of each server component. The server monitoring software detects deteriorating hardware and sends an alert of what components need to be replaced.

The Result:

Antasis technical support team helps in preventing the Client’s server from getting offline. Proactive server maintenance ensures that the Client’s operation is not disrupted by faulty server components.

Multiple companies in Singapore trust Antasis when they need skilled Technical Support Representatives.

Antasis has a pool of skilled professionals readily available for Clients that need to scale.

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