Case Study – Receipts Processing

Processing Receipts and Converting them into Reward Points for Members.

How Antasis helps companies offering rewards points to its members in processing their member’s uploaded receipts and converting them into rewards points that members can redeem for discounts and perks.

Several companies in different industries like shopping malls, property leasing, property rental, and property development offers subscription and reward point to its members.

For members to accumulate reward points, members need to upload copies of their receipts purchased from their establishment or property.

These companies need to accurately process these receipts, add the purchase details into their membership dashboard with its corresponding reward points.

The Challenge in Processing Member’s Receipts:

Receipts processing for member’s reward points is a tedious process and requires manual sorting and accurate data processing.

Client’s Requirements:

Several companies reached out to Antasis to discuss their needs in processing their malls receipts uploaded by the members and process their receipts for members to earn their reward points.

There are a pool of members who upload their shopping receipts every day which needs to be processed within the same day. They need a team to assist them to process these receipts quick and decided to outsource their receipts processing.

Data should be accurate and should be completed within the same day once the receipts are uploaded by their members.

The Solution:

Antasis immediately assigned and trained Data Entry Professionals to process the uploaded receipts and update the Client’s database with the updated member’s rewards points efficiently and accurately.

Antasis has a track record of processing the receipts within just 1 hour upon member’s successful uploading of receipts. This helps to bring in better shopping experiences for the members.

Additionally, Antasis can provide Quality Check (QC) services for those receipts that are processed by the system. This is to ensure errors free on the entry done by the system to give the member’s confident in shopping at the malls.

The Result:

Fast, efficient and accurate execution of Antasis in processing members’ uploaded receipts resulted in a positive customer experience. This helps to elevate the Client’s membership retention rate. And through word-of-mouth, the Client also increased their new member’s sign-up rate.

These companies continue to trust Antasis in receipts processing for its members for more than 8 years.

Antasis offers tailored-fit receipts processing and other data entry related services to companies in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Antasis expands its services to other countries like the USA and Australia.

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