Case Study - Technical Support to One of Singapore's Largest Consumer Loyalty Program

One of Singapore’s largest consumer loyalty program has more than two million members and over a thousand participating merchants. Its members earn reward points as they shop at any of its participating merchants, which can be redeemed with items or perks available to its members. 

This loyalty rewards programme is a strategic business enabler to its merchants who can leverage the large and active membership base, extensive marketing channels, and data-driven marketing capabilities to increase the loyalty and lifetime value of their customers.

Thus, the programme needs to provide a “round the clock” technical support to its participating merchants, to assist them with any issues related to reward points issuance to members.

The programme partnered with Antasis contact centre to provide the Level 1 Technical Support to its merchants. 

The Challenge:

As the number of participating merchants grow, the programme needs to increase their technical support team, provide 24/7 support, and fast resolution to issues encountered or reported by its participating merchants.

The Requirement:

The programme outsourced their Level 1 Technical Support to a contact centre that provides the service during after office hours.

The Solution:

Antasis has a team of professional technical support agents that can manage the programme’s requirements. 

Antasis technical support team uses its inhouse CRM ticketing system provisioned with SMS feature for case logging and escalation. The agents provide basic troubleshooting, resolution and logs reported issues in the CRM ticketing system. For cases that requires further investigation are then escalated to engineers and support group for further handling. Our agents monitors the case status from ticket creation to ticket closure.

The Result:

The programme, with the help of Antasis, is able to provide 24/7 technical support without hiring additional staff for coverage during after office hours, weekends and public holidays. Antasis technical support agents are knowledgeable with the programme’s software and hardware components and provided fast resolution to minor issues encountered by its merchants.

With the provided 24/7 technical support, the programme demonstrated a positive commitment to its participating merchants by providing the support they need as and whenever required while minimising operating investments. And with such positive commitment, this can result to more merchant partnerships and member sign ups.

Who is Antasis?

Antasis is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company based in Singapore and has been serving companies for more than 18 years. They have offices in Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Antasis offers wide range of services like data entry, inbound and outbound customer service, technical helpdesk, and other contact centre related services.

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