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A cost-effective way of providing outstanding customer service experience to your customers.

Providing excellent customer service experience is the goal of every business, no matter the size of the company.  As your business and clients grows, the more you need resources to handle and support your client’s inquiries and needs.

However, the resources needed in fulfilling and supporting your client’s requests are very costly. Aside from the costs involves, managing your in-house customer service team will consume much of your time, which means you have little time left on improving or growing your business.

This is the reason why more than half of the companies in Singapore choose to outsource their Customer Service Management to a third-party company.

Why Businesses Outsource Customer Service Management

  1. To Minimize Operational Costs

    Instead of hiring full-time in-house employees, outsourcing your customer service management enables you to access highly-qualified customer service professionals which will be provided by your outsourcing company at a very competitive rate. With high cost of infrastructure in implementing an in-house customer service team, partnering with an established outsourcing company who already have this infrastructure in place reduces the need for you to invest in the same facility.

  2. To Increase Customer Support Coverage

    The demand of your customers to contact your business at their preferred time is growing, and offering a 24/7 customer service is now a must for all businesses. Outsourcing customer service can help your business in providing quick response time and outstanding customer service.

  3. To Grow The Business

    Offloading customer service to a third-party outsourcing company enables businesses to have more time in finding and implementing ways to improve and grow their business. Partner with a reliable customer service outsourcing company that you can rely and trust that they will handle your customers as if they are their own.

Why Choose Antasis

Antasis has more than 17 years of experience as Customer Service Outsourcing Partner for SMBs and large corporations in Singapore.

Antasis prides itself in providing highly competent and professional customer service professionals to its Clients and will go beyond the good and deliver outstanding customer experience.

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