Data Entry Outsourcing Company in Singapore

Choosing A Data Entry Outsourcing Company in Singapore

8 Essential Factors in Choosing a Data Entry Provider

Data entry is a time-consuming task that most Singapore-based businesses choose to outsource.

Accuracy is one of the most important factors to consider with data entry.

Deciding what company to outsource your data entry to can be daunting, especially if it is your first-time outsourcing data entry tasks.

Here are 8 essential factors to consider in choosing a Data Entry Outsourcing Company:

  1. Experience
    A data entry company that has vast experience in serving your industry is a big plus for a smooth transaction and desirable outcome. They have proven processes in place to provide efficient and accurate results for you.
    Asking a data entry outsourcing company on what industries they serve can help you gauge how they can help your company with data entry operations.
  2. Customized Service
    Each company requires a different level of data entry operations. Having the capability to customize the data entry services that you need is a great advantage and can also save you on fees.
  3. Quality and Accuracy
    Processing data into your system should be done with a high level of accuracy and quality assurance. Inaccurate data input can lead to other time-consuming issues which result in additional expenses and loss of revenue.
    Ask what their processes in place are to guarantee accurate data entry processing.
  4. Cost
    One reason to outsource data entry processing is to save on cost. Saving on cost does not necessarily mean the quality and accuracy will suffer. Data entry outsourcing companies can offer competitive pricing because they have offices in countries where labor cost is low for highly skilled and talented data entry professionals.
  5. Employees 
    A company who employs experienced, and highly skilled data entry professionals can deliver optimum quality and accuracy compared to a new company with less experienced employees. Choosing a company that is providing data entry services for several years is an advantage for your company.
  6. Technology
    Using the right tools in data entry processing can help in getting accurate results. A data entry company that wants to offer quality and accurate data entry services invests in the latest software and other necessary tools. Using obsolete tools can lead to errors and unwanted results
  7. Security
    This is one of the most important criteria that you need to consider. How will your data entry outsourcing provider handle and secures your data? You should select a data entry company that invests in IT security infrastructures, security software, and backup system.
  8. Scalability
    Can your data entry outsourcing partner manage your workloads when your company grows? Choosing a company that has expanded its business operation to other countries means that they have access to more talents and professionals that they can add to their team when the need arises.

Antasis has more than 17 years in serving Singapore-based companies with data entry processing. It expanded its business operations to Malaysia and Philippines.

With teams of experienced and highly skilled data entry professionals, Antasis can assure you of quality and accurate data entry processing.

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