Data Entry Outsourcing Company in Singapore

Trusted Data Entry Outsourcing Company in Singapore

Data Entry services for SMBs and corporations in Singapore

Are you looking for a cost-effective data entry outsourcing service in Singapore to digitize your documents? Antasis is one of the leading data entry service provider in Singapore with 17+ years of experience serving small and medium businesses, government agencies, healthcare industry, real  estate,  logistics, education and other large corporations in managing their data.

Data Entry is considered as necessary but non-core business functions and time-consuming process to complete. Data Entry also needs lots of human resources which makes this function very costly especially if want to create in-house data entry team.

A cost-effective way to manage and digitize your data is to outsource it to a reliable data entry service provider in Singapore. Moving this crucial task to a data entry service provider not only allows business owners to focus on their core business functions and improve their business but also saves labor and infrastructure costs.

Advantages of Outsourcing to a Data Entry Service Provider

  1. Saves labor cost
  2. Saves infrastructure costs
  3. Able to tap with experts in managing and securing your data
  4. Fast Turn-around Time as most providers offers 24/7 service
  5. Enables you to focus on your core business functions

Antasis Data Entry Outsourcing Services

Antasis offers tailored-fit data services for companies of any size. These services includes:

  • Document Data Entry Services
  • Invoices Data Entry Services
  • Logistics Data Entry Services
  • MSDS Data Entry Services
  • Medical Data Entry Services
  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Product Catalog Data Entry Services
  • Scanned Documents or Images Data Entry Services
  • Survey Forms Data Entry Services

Why Choose Antasis as your Data Entry Outsourcing Partner

Antasis Inc has 17+ years of serving Small and Medium Business as well as large corporations in multiple industries in Singapore.

Antasis has teams of highly-skilled data entry professionals, project managers, quality assurance specialists and IT specialists to work on your projects.

Antasis invests heavily on technologies and security hardwares and softwares to keep your data secured.

Antasis goal is to provide accurate data entry service in a timely manner.

Partner with Antasis for your Data Entry need.

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