Data Entry Tasks That You Should Outsource

Data Entry Tasks That You Should Outsource

Time-intensive data entry tasks to outsource to save money and regain time.

Data entry is a broad term but, in most cases, it is the process of entering data from another source or media into a database or software to easily manage and analyze these data.

​This may seem like a simple task but there are 2 important factors to consider in doing data entry – accuracy and speed. Inaccurate data can lead to incorrect data analysis which will snowball into incorrect decision making. Most companies have a huge volume of data that needs processing that’s why speed is important but without sacrificing accuracy.

​Data entry is also a time-consuming task that most companies in Singapore choose to outsource data entry processing to a trusted data entry outsourcing company like Antasis.

​Data entry outsourcing companies use multiple tools, equipment, and software applications to get accurate data from the original media and converting these data into the required format in a shorter time.

​Almost all kind of data that needs conversion to another format needs data entry services.

​Your company may need data entry services if you have hard copies of documents in your office and you want to convert it to soft copies. This is the most common type of data entry services that most companies avail.

What types of data entry services that you can outsource?

Here are the multiple types of data entry services and how companies are outsourcing them:

  1. Document Data Entry Services
    Do you store hard copies of your documents in your office?

    Digitizing these documents or converting them into soft copies and storing them in the cloud or your computer makes it more efficient when searching and using these data in the future.

  2. Invoice Data Entry Services
    This service involves capturing invoices, either printed, handwritten or typewritten, and organizing each item or entry into MS Excel Spreadsheet or a similar application.

    Accuracy of data is crucial as it can lead to financial reporting discrepancies and can be time-consuming to backtrack the cause of the error.

  3. Logistics Data Entry Services
    The logistics and transportation industry accumulates a large amount of data in the form invoices, freight bills, receipts, bill of landing, and much more.

    The need to digitize these documents is a must for better handling of documentations and smooth transactions.

    The demanding need for data entry in this industry requires accuracy and speed. Shipment data should be delivered correctly and on time.

  4. MSDS Data Entry Services
    Manufacturing and Chemical companies need to have accurate and error-free Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

    These MSDS are usually in a PDF or Word Document format and data needs to be accurate and consistent throughout the document. These data include Product Name, Manufacturer Name, Ingredients, and CAS #, First Aid measure, and other relevant information. Some Clients may require their MSDS to be in MS Excel format for easier analysis.

  5. Medical Data Entry Services
    The Healthcare industry has a vast number of records that need digitization for efficient storage, easy access, and fast retrieval of data like patient information, medical insurance claims, laboratory test results, payment records, and other relevant patient data.

    Data security and confidentiality are important factors to consider in choosing a Medical Data Entry Service provider.

  6. Online Data Entry Services
    Online data entry services involve entering data directly to the Client’s platform or database remotely or using the internet. The Client will provide access to their platform and to the files that need conversion.

    Most of these tasks require copying and pasting the data into the required format or platform. In some cases, you need to correct any typographic errors, misspellings, and formatting errors to have uniformed and organized data.

    Common usage of online data entry is updating Client’s CRM, adding product details to e-commerce websites, filling up online forms, and much more.

  7. Offline Data Entry Services
    Offline data entry involves processing and converting data from physical documents, forms, catalogs, labels, and images into a digital format required by the Client. The digital format is delivered to the Client via email or a downloadable file.
  8. Product Catalog Data Entry Services
    Product catalog data entry services are mostly used by e-commerce companies.

    When these companies build their website or e-commerce platform, they need to add products that are in their printed catalog.

    Commonly used e-commerce platforms are Magento, OsCommerce, Xcart, WooCommerce, and Shopify.

    Aside from having their e-commerce website, these companies also sell on another online marketplace like Ebay, Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, and Gumtree just to name a few.

  9. Scanned Documents or Images Data Entry Services
    This involves extracting texts or data from scanned documents or images and convert these data into soft copy documents or spreadsheets.

    This service requires an Optical Character Reader (OCR) to efficiently convert printed texts from scanned documents and images into machine-encoded text and formatting these data according to the Client’s required format.

  10. Survey Forms Data Entry Services
    Surveys forms and questionnaires can be best analyzed if they are in a spreadsheet format.

    Companies who are using physical or offline forms in doing surveys need to collate these data into a spreadsheet or database to effectively interpret and analyze these data to come up with a data-driven decision.

Antasis is a data entry outsourcing company based in Singapore and has been serving Singapore-based companies for more than 17 years.

Antasis expanded its operation to Malaysia and Philippines. With access to professional Data Entry Specialist, Antasis can assure its Clients of high quality, accurate, and efficient data entry services.

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