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The leading outsourced payroll service provider in Singapore, trusted by companies.

For 22 years, Antasis serves the small, medium, and large companies in Singapore in handling and managing their payroll and keep them compliant with statutory and labor laws of Singapore.

Business owners need to focus on managing and growing their business. One crucial aspect of running a business is payroll management.

Managing payroll is one of the most time-consuming, rigorous, and repetitive tasks that business owners should outsource to payroll service providers. A minor mistake can mean costly penalties.

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll:


Outsourcing payroll to professionals and experts in labor and statutory laws will give business owners the following benefits:

  1. Being compliant with labour and statutory laws, therefore, preventing expensive penalties
  2. On-time and accurate payment resulting in happier and satisfied employees
  3. Outsourcing payroll is more cost-efficient than hiring in-house, not just for start-ups and small companies but also for large corporations.
  4. Business owners have more time to focus on their business.

What you should consider in choosing Outsourced Payroll Provider in Singapore:

  1. Your company size
    Decide on how many employees you need to hire either full-time, part-time, or contractual.
  2. Services your need
    Decide on the specific services that you need. Research for payroll providers in Singapore and ask for consultation or recommendation based on your requirements.
  3. Easy Integration
    Consider a company that can easily integrate your attendance and time-keeping tools into its payroll system.
  4. Data Security
    Ensure that you partner with a payroll service provider that secures your employee’s data. Ask what security software and processes that they implement

Antasis Payroll Outsourcing Service


Antasis helps companies in handling their payroll and employee benefits. Antasis offers comprehensive payroll services in Singapore which include:

  • Managing Employee’s profile
  • New Hire and Resignation processing
  • Salary, overtime pay and bonuses calculations
  • Employee’s leave processing
  • Employee’s payslip processing
  • Employee’s CPF contributions processing
  • Employee’s income tax submission
  • Year-end income filing
  •  Submission of statutory benefits like NS Men, maternity, childcare, and other related claims.
  • Detailed payroll reporting

Outsource your Payroll Now

Getting started with payroll outsourcing is not that complicated at all.

Let Antasis help you free up your time and provide you peace-of-mind by managing your company’s payroll.

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