Payroll Outsourcing Service in Singapore

Trusted Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider in Singapore

Looking for a Cost-Effective and Accurate way of handling your payroll? We can help.

Antasis’s expertise in handling payroll management for Singapore businesses assures you of a professional and accurate filing and on-time delivery of payroll services.

Managing payroll can be challenging especially for small and medium businesses in Singapore.

Hiring additional full-time staff to manage your payroll can be very costly and involves complex hiring procedures. Plus, you will need to purchase your own payroll software which is very costly.

This also mean you will have less time to focus on your business as you will need to keep monitor your payroll and keep yourself updated with the latest tax laws and regulations.

To save you time and money, outsource your payroll management to Antasis.

Antasis offers professional Payroll Outsourcing Service in Singapore. For 22 years, the company has been helping Singapore-based businesses in handling key business operations like Payroll Management.

What is Payroll Outsourcing?

Payroll Outsourcing is using a service provider, like Antasis, to manage or handle the process of paying your employees, employee’s benefit claims, tax computations and being compliance with tax rules and regulations. Expertise in handling tax payment and government reports are crucial to avoid getting high costs of penalties.

Key Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing Service with Antasis:

  1. You can focus on running your business
  2. Save costs on hiring full-time staff
  3. Save costs on payroll software
  4. Save time on keeping updated with new rules and regulations
  5. Accurate computations of employee’s pay and taxes
  6. Avoid mistakes and tax penalties
  7. Your data is safe and secured

Antasis’ teams of professionals who have years of experience in handling payroll. Each team member is knowledgeable with government rules and regulations. You are assured of accurate and timely processing of payroll service and avoid tax compliance issues.

Antasis invests heavily on technologies to provide efficient service and to keep your data safe and secured.

Company’s payroll requirements can vary. Antasis offers cost-effective and tailored-fit payroll outsourcing service to Singapore-based companies.

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