Payroll Outsourcing Services in Singapore

Payroll Outsourcing Services in Singapore

Trusted payroll outsourcing service provider by Singapore-based companies.

Payroll management can be cumbersome for Small and Medium Businesses who choose to manage payroll on their own. With multiple crucial factors to consider – like statutory requirements, employee’s taxes and employee benefits – it is especially important to have an expert in payroll processing to manage your company’s payroll.

Many Small Business Owners choose to manage their payroll on their own to save costs, but end up with incorrect payroll data resulting in a higher penalty. Choosing the wrong person or company to handle your company’s payroll, with the impression of saving cost, can result in substantial profit loss due to penalties if payroll was incorrectly processed.

Antasis, a payroll outsourcing company in Singapore, helps Small, Medium, and Large companies in Singapore with their payroll management. With 22 years in managing payroll, your company is assured of efficient and accurate filling of the payroll of your employees.

Choose to outsource your company’s payroll management to reliable and trusted payroll outsourcing companies like Antasis. This ensures accurate processing of your company’s payroll, saves you from hefty penalties, and gives you peace of mind knowing that everything is managed professionally and efficiently.

Payroll services that you can outsource to Antasis include:

  • Managing Employee’s profile
  • New Hire and Resignation processing
  • Salary, overtime pay, and bonuses calculations
  • Employee’s leave processing
  • Employee’s payslip processing
  • Employee’s CPF contributions processing
  • Employee’s income tax submission
  • Year-end income filing
  • Submission of statutory benefits like NS Men, maternity, childcare, and other related claims.
  • Detailed payroll reporting

Antasis has teams of Professional Accountants that will process and manage your company’s payroll. The company even expanded its operations to neighboring countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Let Antasis manage your payroll efficiently and accurately so you can focus more on growing your business.

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