Why You Should Outsource Payroll Management

​If you want to grow your business, start outsourcing non-core business functions like payroll management.

Small and Medium Enterprises and large Singapore-based companies rely on Antasis to manage their payroll. The company has experienced Accountants who are well-versed in the field of managing payroll, employee benefits, accurate filing, and reporting to the tax bureau. Outsourcing your company’s payroll management to Antasis will help you save on costs and time.

Many business consultants are advising business owners to outsource non-core functions in their business.

Non-core functions of a business are those tasks are not profit-generating like doing payroll management, administrative, and backend tasks. You need more time in completing these tasks, but your business will not generate any income when doing these tasks.

But these are important and crucial in business operations.

Therefore, business consultants recommend outsourcing these tasks. There are multiple benefits that a business can get when outsourcing non-core business functions like payroll management.

Payroll Management is not an easy task. Even if you have a skilled in-house accountant, you as the business owner will need to spend time monitoring your payroll. This means you have less time for your business. And time is the most important asset of a business owner. You need to spend your time on income-generating tasks.

What Business Owners Can Achieve When Outsourcing Payroll?

Most of the questions from business owners when deciding if they should outsource payroll management are:

  • What will I get from outsourcing payroll?
  • Is it worth the time and effort?
  • How will I choose the right payroll outsourcing vendor?

The fact that more and more small, medium, and even large corporations are outsourcing payroll management these days, means that, in the long term, these companies see multiple advantages of partnering with a payment outsourcing vendor instead of doing it in-house.

Here are some of the main goals of business owners on why they outsource payroll management.

  • Saves time and resources
  • Focus on core business functions
  • Access to advanced technologies and expensive infrastructures
  • Access to Experts in payroll management
  • Reduce risks and costs

Saves Time and Resources
Doing payroll in-house means that you need to spend time learning the complex payroll functions as well as compliance with withholding tax and reporting to the state’s tax bureau. Accuracy is the most important aspect of managing payroll. A minor mistake in reporting can mean hefty penalties.

When you outsource payroll management, your payroll outsourcing vendor has teams of accountants that are updated with the latest tax rules therefore you are assured of an accurate computation and reporting.

Focus on Your Core Business Functions
Once you transitioned your payroll management to your outsourcing vendor, you immediately gain your time to focus on growing your business.

Access to Advanced Technologies and Expensive Infrastructures.
Setting up an in-house payroll system requires you to invest in the latest and secured infrastructure. And these hardware and software require big investments. By partnering with a payroll outsourcing vendor, you as their client can take advantage of their infrastructures as they will be using their infrastructure in managing your payroll.

Access to Experts in Payroll Management
When you partner with a payroll outsourcing vendor, their Accountants who are knowledgeable and have years of experience will handle your payroll resulting in very accurate reporting and tax computations.

Reduce Risk and Costs
When you partner with a payroll outsourcing vendor who has Accountants are experts and are updated with state’s labor law and tax laws, you are assured of accurate reporting and therefore reduces the risk of paying penalties and other unnecessary costs.

Antasis is a BPO company based in Singapore that also offers payroll outsourcing management. Antasis Inc is the preferred payroll outsourcing vendor of Small and Medium Businesses in Singapore.

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